GEMSTONES of the World
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Atoms are electric..
if everything is made of atoms then is everything electric?

(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth through Electric EYEs

What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?

gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth
The study of the Earth in an Electric Universe

GEMSTONES of the World Book

Gemstones of the World (Hardback) by Walter Schumann

My Precious...Gems, stones, minerals and organics

THE reference book on everything to do with Gemstones. Handy size, packed full of photos and locations of precious Gems, stones and other related minerals.

Everything about Gemstones and the normal precious stones but also includes fossilised wood, amber, coral, Mother-of-Pearl, Operculum, Jet and Ivory. Not an EU book as such but...

Most rubies and blue sapphires are also heat treated to improve their color...Rock crystal alters to a smoky color with gamma irradiation - Gemstones of the World

If everything is part of the Electric Univese then even Gems, petrified wood etc are part of that. The Birth Of Rock - are things still being formed? Chan Dan Ya - (stone) "Egg Producing Cliff" in China and maybe New Zealand's Moeraki Boulders are good examples of this. If everything is scaleable in the Electric Universe and gEUlogy then are stones and especially flint stones found on and in sandy beaches and cliffs just variations of these?

Colors can also be improved by radium and X-ray treatment and, more recently, by bombardment with elementary particles. The resulting colors are usually so close to nature that they cannot be detected by the eye... - Gemstones of the World

Stunning and unexplainable JohnPeel Quartz Rock in Malta - The Birth of Alternative Rock!
JohnPeel - Electrobleme found beside Surfside, Sliema, Malta. Smokey Quartz, Smoky Citrine..crazy Geology but normal gEUlogy?

Purchase this book and use it to start investigating and working out what may have happened or is still happening on Earth.

The Gemstones of the World book is for sale at or you can buy it from