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image linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chatimage linking to Discussion to Everything Is Electric article, posting or chatimage linking to Discussion on Everything Is Electric article, posting or chatExpanding Earth from a small Earth with surface completely covered by the continental plate growing to the larger XEarth we have today
(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth through Electric EYEs
If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe
What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?
Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

Open Source Web Design (OSWD)
FREE and very good Templates

OSWD - free great Web Templates

Not just free, no signing up gimmicks, no "free" templates that are a pile of pants so you have to contact the designer who will charge you to sort them out....

Open Source Web Design (OSWD) - These templates are FREE, they are superb. No Customer Support for them but then there are plenty of Forums and the internet itself to search for help and guidance. If you like the design and need help to tweak it you can contact the designer himself.

If you do not know any HTML then you either have to use the template as it is, spend time learning HTML or pay someone to do it for you.

Most of the designs are clean and professional. They also have a page with the latest free Web Template designs.

The Template this site was mainly based on was by fusion8.

Why are such good designs free? A few reasons, its the Open Source spirit. When the internet is sectioned off, restricted and no longer free we may regret the lazy way of paying people to do something and for not keeping it open and free in all senses of the word. The Web Masters and Designers may get your business if you are so impressed with a free design and want a special template built. New designers can show off their skills and talent to the world.

Open Web Design (OWD)


Open Web Design (OWD) seems to be a very similar site offering high quality free designs that you can download. They also have forum. I have not used them for a free web template design (yet) as I found the one I wanted with OSWD.