The Mayan 3Q Prophet
- a short story
The mysterious and puzzling Clapham Junction Triangle in MaltaThe Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, TikalThe Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, Tikalimage linking to Discussion to Everything Is Electric article, posting or chat
The Clapham Junction Triangle
Seeing is believing...what? Have you ever seen natural triangles like these?
the hydraulic crunch of skepticism
making way for a dominating
skyscraper of faith

We first conceived the calendar policy
under the influence of a severe financial crisis; we ended our days...

I may not agree with what you say...
but I will defend to the death
your right to say it

The Mayan 3Q Prophet
a short story by Chris Vaughan

The Mayan Calendar

Our first day under the new scheme was an ominous reflection of the last days. We first conceived the calendar policy under the influence of a severe financial crisis; we ended our days under the weight of a large self-spun apocalypse.

I read my last lines first.

The Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, Tikal

I reread these notes nightly, anticipating each word to be the last I read, the last thing I see will be the dried Heron, statuesque and revolting next to the defunct television. My last light will be that of an energy saving bulb illuminating my lonely rituals.

The financial year is out of step with the current climate. A sensible thing will be to adopt a new system, a more faithful rendering of our commercial crisis. These are my thoughts. But I have no resolution only a diagnosis.

The Mayan Calendar

Hurley came today with a filofax packed with astroligical charts, and one big a2 pad which he attached smugly to the flip chart, page 1 marked 'Day 1 of the Long Count Injection Scheme and further comments on the Mayan Consumer Ettiquette'. Board members looked on, faces blanched and hidden in thier private assesments. Only when "estimated return on this extension over the third quarter I calculate a 15% increase, taking into account..."

The Mayan Calendar

they heard no more but
the hydraulic crunch of skepticism making way for a
dominating skyscraper of faith.

The Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, Tikal

It took a vote to get things going. A week prior to the vote held in the cafeteria we handed out short explanations of the Mayan long count calendar attached to a chart explaining the immediate benefits to each employee on an individual basis.

The Mayan CalendarThe Mayan Calendar

The rest of this profitic story can be read at where it was nominated as a "Short story of the week". Look for "Notes on a New Financial Year By Chris Vaughan"

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The Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, Tikal

Calendars with less and more days in the past? How?

In our past calendars had different amount of days for the solar year. How can this be? The Indan Veda had 360 days per year, the Tzolkin (Tzolk'in) calendar had 260 and there are more differences on record. The Occams Razor answer is that the amount of days in our year has changed.

It is interesting to note that in AD 75 Plutarch wrote: "In the reign of Romulus the year was 360 days long and in AD 80 wrote: in an interaction with Hermes the year gained 5 1/4 days and 12 lunar months lost 6 days."The Historical Record - Laurence Dixon (SIS Review 2008)

DIScussion about the number of days in a calendar year and the Electric Universe

The Marketeer
a short story by Chris Vaughan

The Marketeer short story by Chris Vaughan - Raven paper clips Three (3) very rare White Raven fledgelings

Time and people, when priced up together, never fully add up.

The wasted paperclip, priced in its embryonic catalogue form at 23p per clip is now priced in its delivered, matured, dulled silver form at ten minutes worth of looking dreamily at it attached to the network cable with three others like dead ravens on a telephone wire. Brian attaches them randomly to things they fit. He averagely has two hours per working day that is not priced up.

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Maya Calendar, Deities and Culture

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arguably the finest piece of prose i have read all year, superb descriptions are matched by the innovative subject matter. simply fantastic

The Mayan Calendar

Excellent piece of writing, very impressive , articulate and creative use of of the vocabulary.
well done !

The Mayan Calendar

It was like the first time you discovered an Iain Banks (not Iain M Banks) novel. Good job.

SnakePlissken rocks - amazing snake like rock or electrical discharge in an Electric Universe?

SnakePlisken rocks!
The end of the lines for Geology?

Mini craters found near Manikata near Golden Bay Malta

Mini Craters
Mini craters found all over Malta

light emitting humans - humans do glow - biphotonics experiment shows human auras

Human auras
Proved by Biophotonics experiment?

Crystal (Krystal) rock and quartz circle called JohnPeel found near Surfside Restaurant, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

Crystal Rock
JohnPeel - the birth of alternative rock?

Beeston Bump Norfolk (Beeston Hill - Beeston Regis) beach - bathichnus paramoudrae - a flint burrow shaft simila r to a spinalcord or backbone

Giant flint concretions
Flint fulgurites or backbones?