Room 2 Chat about Everything in an Electric Universe
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(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth through Electric EYEs
If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe
What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?
Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

Chat about if Everything is Electric in an Electrical Universe?

Is it the Electric Universe Theory or is it an Electric Unvierse? Is everything electric? If it is an Electric Universe then everything will show some sign of being electric.

If it is an Electrical Universe then there should be some form of electrical circuits connecting everything. If not then how can it be an electrical universe?

How were Malta's Cart Ruts formed and why? Are they anything to do with an Electrical Universe? Even if it was just why they were formed not how they were formed.


Space Storms / Northern Lights
...It also floods the space in the planet's immediate vicinity with radiation at such huge levels that they would endanger the lives of astronauts. This process also generates electrical surges on the ground capable of disrupting a country's power grid.
...They saw magnetic oscillations hit the upper atmosphere in a particular location - somewhere over Canada - and ripple out across the ionosphere. These events were followed, three minutes later, by an auroral display...

Synaesthesia - I literally see what you are saying.
Are 99% of people the unlucky ones? Is synaesthesia a "mixing up" or blending of the senses, or, feeling the natural energy of every thing? What other Verses do people experience that you might be missing out on?
8 circuits of Consciousness, auras, Kirlian photography, water dowsing...

Peak Oil Myth - it's everywhere
Peak Oil Myth keeps the prices higher but where did it and all the water come from? Is oil and water produces by the Earth? Water Vapour is found near Sun Spots and Black Holes.

Is there a plasma discharge or EU exchange on the Earths surface or inside our planet?

The Sun and all stars are Plasma.

Our universe is 95-99% Plasma.

It is an Electric Universe.