New to the Electric Universe Theory? Sites, reviews, and guides
image linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article or postingThunderbolts of the Gods video dvd book by Wallace Thornhill and Dave Talbott about the Electric Universe TheoryThe Squatter Man (Squatting Man) petroglyph image carved into rocks around the world - Symbols of an Alien SkyExpanding Earth from a small Earth with surface  completely covered by the continental plate growing to the larger XEarth we have today
(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth with Electric EYEs
10 minutes to change your world
60 minutes to change your Universe
Thunderbolts of the Gods - FREE video
Symbols of an Alien sky
Same petroglyph carved around the world? Myths and Legends explained?
Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

New to the Electric Universe Theory and
Plasma Cosmology Theory? Sites, links and reviews

If you are a nEUbie to the Electric Universe Theory / Plasma Cosmology and have not visited the sites below before, then a very good beginners introduction to the EU Theory basics is to start with the FREE videos.

Then you can either have a chat to someone about the literally world changing ideas or visit these Electric Universe Theory forums everything is electric forum and thunderbolts forum. The EU websites reviewed below are great for nEUbies.

The basic ideas are simple but they have scalable consequences. It can take time to change the set of your mind until you see your Universe with electric EYEs.

It's an Electric Universe. Plasma (charged or ionised gas) makes up 95%-99% of all the material in the Universe. All stars including our Sun are Plasma. All atoms are electrical. Everything is Electric. Mathematical scientists have calculated that for human maths to work 95% of the universe is made up of Dark Matter and Dark Energy that can not be measured or seen but "has to be there"... Could Plasma, the Electric Universe, perhaps be that Dark Stuff? Would the Universe and the world you see around you use plasma or create Dark Stuff?

Pathfinders - Electric Universe Theory sites

Thunderbolts .info
The original and largest Electric Universe and especially Plasma Cosmology website. Maybe not the best place for your first trip into the EU but it will give you a taste of everything that is to come

Plasma Cosmology .net
Great place to start learning about the Plasma Universe and to keep learning.
Check out his Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology videos on youtube

Everything Is Electric
Is everything electric? Investigations, chat, forum and photographs about the Electric Universe Theory and especially how it affects everything on Earth. Special linked site studying gEUlogy, the Geology of the Earth in an exchanging Electrical Universe

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Pathfinders - FREE Electric Universe Theory videos

Amazing. Awesome. Available for FREE.

Thunderbolts of the God's
Immense. It will change your world and your Universe. If you are new to the Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology idea then you must watch this

Great Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology videos on youtube from the person who runs the Plasma Cosmology site

Symbols of an Alien Sky
Has human Mythology finally been explained through the Electric Universe Theory? Stunning visual evidence about why the Squatter Man (Squatting Man) and the Tree of Life (Axis Mundi) were carved around the world by our ancestors

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Pathfinders - Electric Universe Theory books

Thunderbolts of the Gods

Thunderbolts of the Gods book and accompaning Video / DVD by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott - Electric Universe Theory
Written by Wal Thornhill and David Talbott. Essential and brilliant. Order the Video that goes with it. If anyone can watch this video or read the book and not concede there is something in this Electric Universe Theory then don't marry them as nothing is going to satisfy them!
The Electric Universe can explain Myths and Legends and the unsolved mysteries that haunt science and astronomy today. This book and video will convert most people with its simple but powerful message, ideas and images.

For more Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology books, ebooks (EUbooks) click here

If it is an Electric Universe then there has to be an electric current or circuit in space and also on and between the earth and the Electric Universe. Not just on a local scale but on a Universal scale. On earth we see the XEchange between ourselves and our own Electric solar system and the sun in a few ways. Lightning to Sprite and Elves. The earths Plasma Fountain. The sun connects to the earth magnetically every 8 minutes. A magnetic field needs a flow of electric current. The Northern lights are part of the exchange and signs and wonders.

Once you have read some stuff about the EU then read this article by the inventor of the Higgs Bosun idea. You will see that maybe the answer is already there for the Higgs field (Higgs condensate). Then read Wal Thornhill's ideas on Electric Gravity.

SnakePlissken rocks - amazing snake like rock or electrical discharge in an Electric Universe?

The end of the lines for Geology?
SnakePlisken rocks on Malta!

Mini craters found near Manikata near Golden Bay Malta

Mini Craters?
Multiple min craters found on island

light emitting humans - humans do glow - biphotonics experiment shows human auras

Humans - we do have auras
Biophotonics experiment sees auras

Crystal (Krystal) rock and quartz circle called JohnPeel found near Surfside Restaurant, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

WOGE is that!
JohnPeel - alternative rock?

Beeston Bump Norfolk (Beeston Hill - Beeston Regis) beach - bathichnus paramoudrae - a flint burrow shaft simila r to a spinalcord or backbone

Flint fulgurites or backbones?
Giant flint lines