Natural cure and remedies for treating Gout
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Natural cure and remedies for treating Gout

There is no natural 'cure' for Gout but you can naturally prevent Gout ever happening again for the rest of your life.
All you need to do is change your diet and you will 'cure' yourself of Gout.
So its a natural way to prevent Gout attacks, which is much better.

The change in diet will help you cure Gout from mild to the severe type where your ankles are purple, your joints hurt and you can not walk because of the Gout. This natural remedy or cure for Gout will also benefit your skin if you have Gout related escma, especially on the face and head.

Trust me, this change in your diet works to cure Gout, no matter how painful or bad your Gout attacks normally are.

The natural cure or remedy for Gout by changing your diet is not instanteous and it takes effort to start with but the rewards of curing Gout are worth it. You can take a pill everyday for the rest of your life or by changing your diet you can cure yourself naturally of Gout.

This diet as a natural cure for Gout will take a few weeks or months to really show the benefit but its so subtle that you dont realise its working, until someone reminds you that your skin has cleared up and 'when did you last have a Gout attack?' and you can not remember the answer :)

The diet is basically what you are adviced to avoid on other lists but if you roughly stick to it long term it will naturally help you to not have any more Gout attacks. The Gout diet allows you to still eat all the foods you like but you need to cut down on them to once a week or month if they are in the 'not good for Gout' list.

The natural cure or remedy for Gout diet

* Eat lost of fishy stuff
* Brown pastas and rice
* If you must have bread then eat brown or special low yeast bread
* Alcohol try to reduce but if you have to drink then have wines and especially white wines)
* Chicken only once a week

Avoid or reduce

* Red meat
* Alcohol (especially yeasty alcohol like Beers and Lagers, Real Ales)
* Pastry (yeast)
* Chocolate
* Dairy milk (its full of antibiotics anyway but also avoid Soya milk as it mostly GM)
* Vinegar (acid)
* Tomatoes! Very difficult but this is a real high priority as tomatoes are very bad for Gout
* Acid fruits like lemons etc

* Alcohol - needs to be reduced, especially at the start of the diet. Once you are a few months into the diet you will find that a session of drinking alcohol does not trigger a Gout attack anymore

Does this diet to cure Gout work?

* Absolutely. Its not an instant natural cure for Gout but if you stick to it then it is a natural cure for Gout for the rest of your life.

You can also still eat and drink the stuff you really like but you just got to keep it in moderation. You will know when you have been indulging to much when your skin or ankles start to flare up with the old signs of Gout.

No matter how severe your Gout and related skin conditions are this will remove the Gout and reduce greatly your skin conditions. Depending on how much you stick to the diet will related to how well it cures your Gout related skin conditions.

Trust me, i am not a Doctor, so I dont want you to take a pill every day for the rest of your life, especially as you do not need to.

Anything else natural to help cure or be a remedy for Gout

When you start this natural cure or rememdy diet for Gout your body will need to be supported with extra replacement minerals. The best person to go and see is a local homeopathy person. They will also give you support and refine your diety need, in fact you should create your Gout natural cure or remedy diet with them. Homeopathy does work. You just have to understand what is happening to see why it works. Yes it is watered or diluted down. How homeopathy works is that everything in the universe is electric because everything is made up of atoms and sub atomic particles and whatever else we will discover smaller than these particles. They all have a frequency and energy. Water is life and energy and when shaken the atoms get energy excited and their information or energy is either passed on or influences the atoms around them.

What you put in you get out

Its simple. Western medicine never cures you its cures a sympton. You are ill for a reason. Eastern medicine tries to balance and cure your body so that you are ill less often. What sounds better? Western medicines cure for Gout? Take a pill for each day of the rest of your life. Not change what is put in to your body that causes Gout. If you are still eating the same diet then your body is till out of balance. The pill only reduces the symptons, it does not cure your out of balance body.

What you put in is what you get out.