Why are white cows sacred to Hindus and in India?
Electric Universe Theory discussion - forum post or chatwhy are white cows sacred to Hindus and to the ancient egyptianssacred white cows of egypt and the pharoahs suckling on the goddess hathor - related to the Hindus sacred white cows?Electric Universe Theory discussion - forum post or chat
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Why are white cows sacred?
Why do Hindus believe what cows are sacred? Related to Egpytian Hathor?
Hathor - Egyptian sacred white cow
Did the same event/legends in our sky create the sacred cow on earth?
Dendera Lightbulb - a good theory ...
predicts or explains things that dont look related but may be. Does the GKS explain?

Why are white cows sacred to Hindus and in India?

why are white cows sacred and holy to hindus especially in india - myths and legends explained

Why are white cows sacred to Hindus and in India? For Hindus and especially in India white cows are sacred, why is this? The legends and myths of Hinduism and Egypt may explain why the the sacred white cow idea started.

Why Egypt? It was the greatest and most inspiring civilisation at the time in the area. Its ideas would have influenced other nations.

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why are sacred white cows found in india hindus hathor egypt suckling

Egypt. So legendary it still inspires us today. So imagine how its beleifs would have inspired the rest of the world in contact with it. Imagine also if its 'religion' or beliefs about its God Kings (Pharaohs) were inspired by what the Egyptians and everyone else witnessed in the skies?

Hathor is one of the strangest of Egyptian Godesses, shown as a number of images but especially as a tree and a white cow. Hathor the cow so holy that they built temples to her and showed her with cow ears. The Pharaohs were said and shown in Egyptian art to suckle from Hathor when she was both a tree and a cow. Why would you suckle from a tree?

Hathor the cow goddess in the ancient sky

What if the God King Pharaohs and the Gods/Goddesses of Egypt were inspired by events witnessed by ancient cultures in the skies? The Squatter Man image also appears to have been witnessed by ancient cultures in the sky. The image of the Squatter Man still lives on in many societies much like the sacredness of cows to Hindus.

sacred and holy egyptian cows and indian hindu worshipped bovines hathor white dust band around the earth catastophe holy sacred cow goddess egyptian

Gary Gilligan has written about how the Egyptian God Kings may have been planets and Pharaohs were linked to them. Each Pharaoh linked to his God King planet in our ancient but different skies. The God King Scenario has Hathor as a band of dust and debris in the sky, shining pale white. Is this why Hathor the holy cow is shown to be white and with stars amongst it?

holy cows sacred hathor hindu indian egyptian ancient sacred cows holy hathor egypt ancient bovine gods godesses ears temples

Also Hathor has the strangest of hair styles in Egypt - a braided hair that is called 'Hathors hairdo'. If Hathor was a band of dust in our skies and had Birkeland Currents flowing through it then this will explain the 'bands' on Hathors head.

Dendera Lightbulb in Hathors Temple

dendera lightbulb mystery puzzle solved evidence electric universe theory dendera lightbulb hathor mystery puzzle solved explained hathor temple egypt electric universe

The very mysterious and puzzling Dendera Lightbulb is found in Hathors Temple. If there were Birkeland Currents flowing through a dust/debris band in our ancient skies then would it look like and explain the puzzle of the Dendera Lightbulb.

What are the odds that the Dendera Lightbulb is found in Hathors Temple? Perhaps this is because the visual effect seen in ancient skies, that we now know as the Dendera Lightbulb, was seen in Hathors Temple in our sky.

Egypt's and Hindu's sacred cows explained

Egypt's and Hindu's sacred white cows are related, with both Egypts sacred cow and the Hindu's sacred cow being either inspired by the same events in our ancient skies, or, the Hindu's sacred white cow being inspired by the Egyptian's sacred cow.

As they are related the Egyptian and Hindu myths and legends surrounding their sacred white cows should have similarities.

A good theory predicts ...

The ideas above are based on the God King Scenario about Egyptian mythology, Pharaohs, their after life etc. A good theory predicts and explains related topics without having to create exceptions to the rules. The God King Scenario's explanation for Hathor as a dust/debris band in the sky during a period of Catastrophe in our Solar System can also be applied to why the Hindus believe cows and white cows are holy and sacred.

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