Budget food, restaurants and places to eat in Malta
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Budget food, restaurants and places to eat in Malta

Budget food, restaurants and places to eat in Malta offer good food at great cheap prices, if you know where to find them. Malta is no known for catering to backpackers or budget travellers but there are cheap food places to eat. There is only 1 proper backpacker hostels with a kitchen on the island and that is the Balco Harmony Hostel, Cushcieri Street, Gzira.

Let the locals guide you to where the Maltese eat great local food at low prices, perfect for the traveller on a budget.

Budget food, restaurants and places to eat in Malta

The locals in Malta were brought up on a diet of cheap and filling Maltese food and this has produced a nation that matches the islands of Malta. Round and plumb but wonderful to be around and enjoy a great life in a wonderful climate. The cheapest places to get good budget food is from the many loved Pastizzeria's.

Budget food, buckets of food at ridiculously cheap prices - Pastizzeria's

Pastizzeria's are found around the whole island of Malta apart from in one of the "3 cities" that is too posh to have a Pastizzeria! The best are the chain called Maxims Pastizzeria that does by far the best pea pastizzi's (pea cakes) on the island of Malta and Gozo. Pastizzi's come with 2 fillings, mushy pea and ricotta cheese wrapped in flaky pastry. Perfect any time of the day but one of the greatest hangover recovery foods ever made. Pastizzi's only cost around 25 cents so are a great cheap budget food.

All of Malta's Pastizzeria's offer great value budget food including Timpana's and Ross (Ross il-Forn means rice in Maltese). The Timpana is a meaty pasta bolognese covered with a pastizzi pastry topping (what a perfect combination!) and the Ross is rice in a meaty bolognese. The best thing about this budget foods are they taste awesome (especially from Maxims), they are very cheap, under 2 euros, and they are a very large portion.

Malta's Pastizzeria's also do other budget food delights such as the burger pie (yes!) and the classic Maltese food. Greasy pizza slices with hard boiled eggs on them. These are amazing and are ambrosia.

Budget food places Malta - Paparukei

Paparukei on the corner of Triq Stuart and The Strand in Gzira is an incredible place to eat superb budget food. The food is not just cheap, itís amazingly good and a large variety. Paparukei is a sandwich shop and bakery that sells cakes including proper English jam donoughts and English sausage rolls! The sandwiches include wraps and Ftira's (the local Maltese bread of bread with a tough rip your lose teeth out crust but soooo tasty). You must have the Maltese Ftira local style with Tuna, olives etc or you have not experienced Malta properly.

If this wasnít enough for you budget travellers and eaters it does takeaway boxes where you can choose anything on display. Small boxes are around 2 euros, medium 4 and large 6. They will cram it with noodles, slices of chicken, beef, pasta, whatever is left on display. Donít be shy keep asking for more stuff until they stop, they expect you to and keep asking you what you want.

WARNING: Paparukei is very. very popular with locals and workers so it will be very busy after midday and will run out of stuff by 1 or 2 of the clock. Thatís how good it is.

Budget food places Malta - Step On

Step On and up for budget take-away food at cheap prices. Open evenings Tuesdays to Sundays this very popular fried food and pizza take-away is also on a corner of The Strand Gzira and Triq Ponsonby. Great value food and great food. The Kentucky Fried Chicken is wonderful value and wonderful to eat and the chips destroy KFC's. Why bother going to KFC to have shitty chips, expensive small pieces of chicken and post mix Pepsi, not even Coca Cola! They do a legendary budget food of chicken fillet burger and chips. The pizza's they do are great value, not the greatest of pizzaís though but for 5 or 6 euros you get a great budget meal. WARNING: everything seems to come with coleslaw!

Budget food places Malta - Giordanos Bar and Restaurant

Giordanos Bar and Restaurant is found at Triq is-Sidra, Swieqi and open in the evenings. They have a buy 2 pizza and get a FREE Big bottle of wine offer on at the moment. The food is good budget food, good quality English pub style food. Home made chips, largish portions. Value for your money. They also have an outside eating area out the back. Its a tease on a hot evening though as Giordanos is next to or part of the Garden View complex, where English Language students stay, and they swim about in there pool while you eat your budge food.

Budget food places Malta - Mama Mia's Restaurant

Mama Mia's Restaurant on Ta' Xbiex Seafront is the place to go if you fancy huge portions of great tasting food either at lunch time or during the evenings then Mama Mia's Restaurant is the only place to go. You will be amazed at the very large portions and the cheap prices for a good restaurant. Everyone in Malta eats there so it is very busy no matter what day of the week and month of the year. Lots of birthday parties eat here so be prepared to join in the singing of Happy Birthday and if you get flash backs of 'Nam it may not be great as the sparklers on the cakes light up.

Mama Mia's Restaurant is famous for its great value monster portions of food and its rack o ribs. Now the choice does not seem hard now but wait until you get there. BBQ or Tennessee, half a rack o ribs or a full rack o ribs. The Tennessee ribs are sweet and spicy and immense. And its got to be a full rack o ribs, so large they have to cut the rack in half to fit in on your Alan Partridge plate.

Budget food places Malta - Charlie's Inn (rabbit restaurant)

Charlie's Inn (rabbit restaurant) at Salina Bay is one of the oldest and best Maltese food and rabbit restaurants on the rabbit eating island of Malta. Generations of Maltese have eaten rabbit here. Not exactly budget food but one of the cheapest and perhaps the best rabbit restaurant on Malta.

You don't pay for the decor, you pay for the food, the great local chilled out atmosphere and the desert trolley to die for. You also get free snails to start with! The best way to eat the rabbit is to have 2 of you and you then basically get a rabbit chopped in half, eyes, brain and everything. The question being was it male or female and who was gay and ate the penis!

People take their time eating and the restaurant owners expect you to chill out. After you have finished your main course comes the best part of the night. Out comes the Trolley Dolly, like your Nan use to wheel it out overloaded with your favourite deserts.


SnakePlissken rocks - amazing snake like rock or electrical discharge in an Electric Universe?

SnakePlisken rocks!
The end of the lines for Geology in Malta?

Mini craters found near Manikata near Golden Bay Malta

Mini Craters
Mini craters found all over Malta

Crystal (Krystal) rock and quartz circle called JohnPeel found near Surfside Restaurant, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

Crystal Rock - Malta
JohnPeel - the birth of alternative rock?


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Puzzling limestone lines on Malta