What is the Electric Universe theory? EU theory explained
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gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
through Electric EYEs.
What don't you see?

If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe

What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?

Electric Universe Earth = circuits
Is the earth a coil/transformer in an Electric Universe?

What is the Electric Universe theory? The EU explained

If everything is made up of atoms and they are electric then is everthing electric? The known universe is made of 99% plasma and plasma is an ionised (electrically charged) gas. Is the Universe Electric?

What is the Electric Universe theory? sun earth connection and circuit plasma solar wind

All the stars including our sun our made of plasma, the "vacuum" of space is plasma, lightning, the Solar wind is a solar plasma wind. Nearly everything is plasma. So is it an Electric Universe?

Electromagnetic forces are everywhere and perhaps everything. You can not have a magnetic field without some form of elctrical energy. Its an electromagnetic force.

Space Tornados = circuit between sun/earth

Did you know that the solar plasma wind accelerates the further it gets away from the sun? On earth we accellerate electrically charged particles using electromagnetic forces. For example CERN. Why and how does the Solar plasma wind increase its speed? Gravity should pull back. A good theory predicts but our space scientists did not predict that. But a chap in 1903 predicted Space Tornados in a book called The Universe a Vast Electric Organism.

space tornados are part of the earth sun connection and circuit in an electric universe

NASA has discovered that the Sun and the Earth connect every 8 minutes with monstrous space tornados, twisting Birkeland currents of plasma acting as a wire with the current moving at over 1 million mph. These space tornados are one part of the connection between the Sun and the Earth plug in around the auroras.

Spacequakes and plasma bombs

Universe Electric theory explained photographs spacequakes plasma bombs circuits how does the electric universe theory work on earth eu spacequakes similar to earthquakes

Spacequakes and plasma bombs cause and trigger the Earths auroras. Spacequakes themselves are mainly caused by a fast plasma jet on the nightside of the earth. The plasma in our magnetotail is accellerated against the flow of the solar plasma wind. A process causes our magnetic field lines to vibrate and energy is also exchanged at the polar regions and combined these create the auroras. Where the Space Tornadoes touch down on Earth.

Electric Universe = circuits. No circuits = no EU theory

EU Theory Universe Electric theory examples photographs of space fountain and earths global circuits electric earth step up and step down transformer circuits eu theory explained diagrams

If it is an Electric Universe then you must have circuits between everything. No circuits = no Electric Universe. At the north polar region - where the Space Tornadoes (Birkeland currents) bring the electrically charged plasma and the Spacequakes release their energy - you have the Earths Space Fountain accellerated and ejecting plasma up into space.

the earths part in the electric universe theory explained discusses diagrams global weather circuit

These are large natural wires, currents and exchanges in the Earths global electric weather circuits. Other planets and moons in our solar system have their own variations of Space Fountains.

The Electric Universe Theory is simply that. The Universe is Electric. Space scientists are surprised about most things they find. A good theory predicts or explains. Remember this every time you read about how amazed they were, never expected to find that, back to the drawing board.

But the Electric Universe Theory is not just about space. That is the first obvious subject it covers but if everything in life is electric then it connects with everything. From the gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology) of the planets to our myths, legends and modern day beliefs including the Akashic Records and God(s).

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