Evidence supporting the Electric Universe theory (EU theory)
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gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
through Electric EYEs.
What don't you see?

If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe

What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?

Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

Evidence supporting the Electric Universe theory (EU theory)

Is there supporting evidence for the Electric Universe theory (EU theory)? There is lots of information, circuits in the universe, our solar system and the earth that appear to support the idea that it is an Electric Universe.>/p>

Your heart/brain/nerves are electric, the Northern Lights are natures Neon lights. Even fish (evolved in water?) use electricity to live, hunt and kill. If everything is made of atoms and they are electric, then everything is electric.

earths electrical exchange, from lightning to Halos, with the Universe earths space plasma fountain gif showing Red Sprites explosion in our sky

Plasma which is ionised (electrically charged) gas makes up and is the material that the Stars and our Sun are made of. Plasma gas is considered the forth state of matter. Lightning is a Plasma Discharge Event.

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Everything Is Electric logo Electric Universe Theory and Earth

If everything is electric then it's easy and quick to test or destroy the idea. If it is an Electric Universe then anything YOU look at should have some electrical basis or effect. Also there must be electrical circuit between the planets, solar systems and the Universe. It's simple, if there are no circuit then there is no Electric Universe.

Think of anything and it can be explained in an Electrical Universe way.
The fantastic thing about the EU Theory is that, unlike exotic Space stuff (Black Holes, Quasars ...) you can see and investigate this for yourself, as it is all and everything around. It is you.


Planets orbit around the sun, Planets rotation or a magnetic field produced by an electrical current
Orbital plane of the planets?

Everything Is Electric logo XEarths Plasma Space Fountain

The Northern and Southern Lights are Solar Wind particles being excited (given energy) as they enter the Earths magnetosphere. They accelerate towards earth and glow like a neon light. Which is what they are, natural neon lights.

In an exchange mechanism the Earths Plasma Fountain allows Helium, Oxygen and Hydrogen ions to go into space. This flow of ions in both directions is a circuit.

Lightning, Sprites and Elves are another form of energy (electrical) exchange between the Earth and the Universe.

NASA sprites over thunderstorm in Kansas NASA RED sprites over Tainan City in Taiwan using low light camera red sprite - photo

Large natural electrical currents flow through the Earth and are called Telluric Currents. These are scientifically mapped 1000s of KMs long electrical currents flowing though continents. They were used to naturally power the old Telegraph System in the USA with theoretically no need for man made power supplies. Perhaps these explain Ley Lines?

Everything Is Electric logo The Natural CERN and Circuits

The Solar Wind (plasma) accelerates the FURTHER away it gets from the sun, we use electricity and electromagnets to accelerate particles on earth (CERN), the Electric Universe does it naturally on a larger scale.

Io-Jupiter exchange plume
Io-Jupiter exchange plume animated version (this can take awhile to load)

Everything Is Electric logo The solar cycle (solar magnetic activity cycle)

The coldest part of the sun is the sunspots which are the deepest we can see into the sun. The further away you get from the suns "surface" the hotter it gets.

Sun spots have cycles, they rotate in different directions and hemispheres. They also have negative or positive polarity

The sun has poles where during the solar minimum the Coronal Holes (pdf) are located. During the Solar maximum they can be found anywhere on the sun.

The Solar Wind (plasma) accelerates the FURTHER away it gets from the sun, we use electricity and electromagnets to accelerate particles on earth (CERN), the Electric Universe does it naturally on a larger scale. There is fast and slow solar wind.

The Electric Universe powers our Sun and the logical follow through is that the sun is electrical. It will exhibit properties unexplainable or problematic with a Nuclear Sun. Read this Wiki article "The solar cycle (solar magnetic activity cycle)" and see how much is due to magnetism. You apparently can not have magnetic fields without a flow of electrical current.
For the circuit to work you would need a flow in both directions and backstreaming electrons are part of this exchange

Glowing Humans - light emitting humans (auras)

light emitting humans - humans do glow - biphotonics experiment shows human auras

A recent Biophotonics experiment has shown in more detail than ever before how much light humans emit and the fact that humans do glow. Does this prove that humans do have auras and also backs up the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of acupuncture and its meridians?

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