Dingli Cliffs Malta | underground "tanks" dug by Temple Builders?
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Atoms are electric..
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Dingli Cliffs tanks, Malta
Puzzling underground stone tanks -
built by Temple Builders, Phoenicians...?
Maltese stone tanks - why and where?
Malta's tanks storage/water/other?
Dingli Cliffs, Misqa, St Georges Bay...
gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
through Electric EYEs.
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Dingli Cliffs Malta photographs | tanks for what?

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Dingli Cliffs Malta has huge terraced cliffs and scree but on one sharp headland are the mysterious and puzzle "tanks". What are these tanks for? Storage of something and built by who?

Tanks for the memories!

dingli cliffs malta places of interest day out temple builders phoenicians romans tanks water food tanks cisterns storage caves rock underground natural malta temple builders phoenicians romans

The tanks or underground holes dug into the limestone are tentitively explained as storage tanks, likely for food but perhaps for water. The water idea is suggested because of the Misqa tanks near the Mnajdra Temple and Hagar Qim Temple complex. But these don't appear to be for water as they are at the top of the slope (similar to the Misqa tanks) and some are very shallow.

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The shapes of the Dingli Cliffs tanks are also strange. The standard explanation for what these tanks are is to store food. This sounds reasonable but some of the Dingli Cliffs tanks physcial features provide more questins than answers. Was the smaller hole in the tank above cut for a lid, was it so something could be put in or to let air or fumes in/out?

misqa tanks malta water storage similar temples builders cisterns larders phoenicians romans

Some of the tanks found in this area of Dingli Cliffs have a terraced entrance which suggests that a lid or cover was used to preserve or protect whatever was stored. If these tanks are stone larders. Why do some of the Dingli tanks not have the carved entrance, why are some of the Dingli tanks small, connected or large?

The angle of the dangle...

tanks for the memories malta food stone larders caveman romans temple builders phoenicians mystery maltese temple builders puzzles ancient enigma malta mediterranean tanks

The Dingli Cliffs tanks are higher up the slope so the idea of them being used for water cisterns has to be excluded. The irrigation or water feeder channels are below them and do not lead into the tanks. After recent rains when these photographs were taken the Dingli tanks were dry. So were they dug at the top to protect them from water?

dingli cliffs maltese malta temple builders romans phoenicians site tanks what is this water tank mysterious lost abandoned filled in temple builders phoenicians romans

A few meters away from the main section of Dingli tanks, at the bottom of what seems to be a small gulley, there is a filled in tank. This is either a hole, a tank or a collapsed tank. Is this much larger than the other Dingli Cliff tanks, what is it doing at the bottom, is this the water storage tank, the Dingli Cliff cistern?

Tanks a lot | Misqa tanks and St Georges Bay, Malta

il-misqa watering troughs tanks created by neolithic man or the Maltese Temple Builders near hagar qim temple malta marsaxlokk bay st georgesbay cart ruts tracks malta tanks storage by the sea larders

The Dingli Cliffs tanks are not the only ancient tanks on Malta. The most famous tanks are the Misqa tanks near Mnajdra Temple and Hagar Qim Temple complex (Qrendi). There are also other shallower tanks found by the mysterious Cart Ruts in St Georges bay (Birzebbuga Bay). These Cart Ruts go into the sea and along the sea floor.

What's the story Morning Glory Cloud?

morning glory clouds roll clouds (shelf clouds, Arcus clouds) malta europe photographs shelf clouds, arcus clouds, roll clouds, lines clouds, morning glory clouds photos mediterranean

Roll clouds (Shelf clouds, Arcus clouds) roll past and over Malta often. This one was photographed where the Dingli Cliffs tanks are located (between wall and large rock on the right or near 3550'29.34"N 1423'55.60"E). In Australia there is the amazing Morning Glory Clouds that you can paraglide along. Are all of these types of Roll clouds related? Is the Morning Glory Cloud just a larger more energetic variation of the Roll clouds? Do they resemble natural lines of energy flowing through the Earths atmosphere? Energy currents in the sky. The Earth has a scientifically proven global Electrical Weather System. Is it also an Electric Universe? If it is then it would need circuits and connections between everything.

No circuits, no connections, no Electrical Universe. if there are galactic connections then ... ?

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