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If Everything Is Electric...
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Human auras proved by Biophotonics?
Has the latest human ultraweak photon emission experiment shown auras exist?
Acupuncture and glowing humans
Humans emit light and has biophotonics shown the acupuncture meridians?
What Don't You See?
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Human Biophotonics - glowing humans (auras)
- do humans glow more when they sweat?

glowing humans auras shown by thermographic image from ultraweak photon emission experiment

"The human body literally glimmers. The intensity of the light emitted by the body is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eyes. Ultraweak photon emission is known as the energy released as light through the changes in energy metabolism."
Tohoku Institute of Technology - human photon emission experiment

Did the experiment carried out to measure the light emitted by humans confirm that humans do have an aura? If people can sense electrical fields/energy (frequency) then they might be able to sense a persons electrical energy being emitted or created by them.

biophoton emission of cortisol saliva secretion during glowing human experiment and maybe proving auras exist

This biophotonics (study of light being emitted by living things) experiment and others before them also show variations of the light being emitted, with patterns emerging. Sometimes it is seasonal and others it is during a 24 hour period.

Bioluminescence, which is weak but visible, is sometimes produced in living organisms, such as fireflies or jellyfish, as the result of specialized enzymatic reactions that require adenosine triphosphate. However, virtually all living organisms emit extremely weak light, spontaneously without external photoexcitation ... Human body is glimmering with light of intensity weaker than 1/1000 times the sensitivity of naked eyes."
Tohoku Institute of Technology - human photon emission experiment

If the body is electric (atoms are electric, our nerves are electric, we are charged bodies) then does this mean that other non main stream areas may be shown to be correct? Traditional Chinese Medicine seems to have been both proved and not proved using biophotonics!

If people who see auras are detecting a persons magnetic field, frequency or energy is this article evidence to suggest that auras exist and are in fact electrical in nature?

Why do we sweat salt? Survival of the fittest?

If salt is an essentail ingredient to our life and it was so precious, why do we sweat salt? Is it to increase our electrical nature in some way? To increase the energy being recived/emitted/transformed when carrying out physical energy or fighting an illness?

Why do we get hot and sweaty (more salt water) when we are passionately discussing something and our brain is on overdrive? Hallucinations due to drugs or fever, your head and body heat up during these times.
Is it because our body/brain needs more energy?

Would humans emit more light when sweating?

Forum DIScussion on humans glowing/auras and salty sweat.

Humans and light in our body

If you examine a neuron, you will see that there are many hollow tubes surrounding the axon. These microtubules have been thought of as a kind of scaffold to support the nerve fiber. But they are now getting a second look as the possible architecture of our consciousness.
The particular characteristics of microtubules that make them suitable for quantum effects include their crystal-like lattice structure, hollow inner core, organization of cell function and capacity for information processing. According to the researchers, their size appears perfectly designed to transmit photons in the UV range.
Are humans really beings of light? |

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

One of the parts of TCM is acupuncture and the meridians (similar to human ley lines or Telluric currents). Main stream scientific research has reports for and against TCM meridians being shown by biophotonics. Although the new report mentioned above on ultraweak photon emissions from the human body does not prove TCM meridians, it does show that the body is certainly more electrical than we are led to believe. Electricity usually has currents, energy levels, fields and frequencies.

"This study shows, for the first time, evidence of the existence of the acupuncture meridian structure in the human body. After moxibustion (or similar light stimulation) of the body in the 3-5 microm range, "light channels" appear on the body, which appear to be identical to what are known as meridians in all textbooks of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These findings appear not only to confirm the existence of acupuncture meridians, but they also open a new window on understanding the energy transfer dynamics of the human body. Furthermore, it is likely that living matter is not in the ground state, but permanently electronically excited."
Biophotonics in the infrared spectral range reveal acupuncture meridian structure of the body - International Institute of Biophysics, Landesstiftung Hombroich

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the vital energy flows through a system of channels also called meridians. Generally accepted proof for meridians cannot be considered as being given. Goal of this study was to examine whether possible stimulation-induced meridian-like structures, as recently described by other authors, can be visualized and objectified simultaneously at different infrared wavelength ranges"
Infrared thermography fails to visualize stimulation-induced meridian like structures - Medical University of Graz, Austria


Biophotonics (extract from book) - "Particularly interesting was the observation that frequently the bilateral emission from hands was higher in summer than in other parts of the year."

The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (pdf) - "It has long been known that skin impedance varies significantly in areas related to the classic acupuncture points."

Forum DIScussion on acupuncture - "The body is a single, continuous system in which the acupuncture meridians are the primary photonic and electromagnetic pathways."