Synclines and Anticlines (Folds)
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It's an Electric Universe
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Synclines and Anticlines
The decline of Geology. What doesn't nature or Geology see?

Forces and energy...
form Folds. No one has seen what created them though

gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth
The study of the Earth in an Electric Universe

AK47 bullet firing shock wave photograph and image Ellesmere Island syncline

Synclines and Anticlines - what don't you see

Anticline Canadian Rockies but landshape does not change shock wave photograph - colour image NASA x15 missile shock wave photograph

Cloaking Device

Anticline Canadian Rockies but landshape does not change
Although the visible rock is folded and made of different minerals the landscape does not seem to notice. The land surface above this fold (anticline) ignores the shape, form and material below it. The land above is flat while the rock below is chaos.
These folds were formed where they were, in situ, and no pressure, movement, squeezing or folding from other rock has changed them. Otherwise the land around it would also be affected.

Sorry mate, I didn't see you there

syncline not noticed by the land above it
This syncline in the same area is made of distinct materials. The shape of the land above it does not seem to know it is above a syncline. Geology says that synclines and anticlines can only be formed by immense pressure and movement of the earth.
gEUlogy and your EYEs show that synclines and anticlines were formed where they are found, with virtually no displacement of the syncline or the land around it.

The different coloured rocks must be different materials with different hardness. If the landscape is flat above this due to erosion then some of this different material should be slightly raised or lower than the different rock around it.

In utero

Ellesmere Island syncline
A syncline in and on top of a mountain. Geology says this rock has to be newer than the rock around it. The mountain rock to the right side is in parallel lines, the new rock at the bottom of where it is replacing is distinctly curving, lines seem to go off to the left but not in the same manner as the right hand side.

  • The syncline seems to have an equal pattern to each side including where the old rock is showing and the bumps on the top

  • The new rock has precisely filled or been converted from the old rock without hardly any merging
  • Very precise lines of the same colour rock as the new rock are also seen in the photo. Why is the rock in between not the same colour? These intruder lines seem to join up with the main syncline

Sandstoned Synclines

Rainbow Basin syncline sandstone USA America
This syncline is a sandstone syncline found in the Rainbow Basin, Mojave Desert in California. The photo below is of a sandstone syncline on the limestone/sandstone island of Malta. Both have a middle section which is more red than the rock around it and both have a white intruder line.

syncline malta sandstone fomm ir rih rock layers scree irdum wied valley malta maltese beach public accessMalta orange sanstone syncline Fomm ir Rih, Malta, europe, MedMalta orange syncline fomm ir-rih bay and beach area at the end of the Great Fault line

In situ

The land around, above and especially in front and behind a syncline/anticline does not reflect what has geologically happened. It appears that the immense pressure / folding / displacement happened only in the precise area of the syncline with no force conduction. The magic that is erosion then removing lots of surrounding land to leave us the finished product that always seems to be the correct shape.

How was this same shape defined shape created in different parts of the world?

It's a shocking wave

colour image of a Bullet shock wave or Syncline shock wave?image of explosion bow shock wave or Syncline shock wave?

Synclines seem to be in a large number of varieties. The 3 versions shown here seem to be the sandstoned type (sharp or concentrated shape shock wave), the frequencycline (syncline/anticline normally found together) and the bluntcline (looks a bit like the blunt object shock wave). ALthough it may just be a co-incidense it could fit into the Electric Universe Catastrophe idea.

Geology has said that the rocks have been changed due to immense localised forces and energy. The shock waves of a local Plasma Discharge Event could also produce those same effects. It's just how you interpret the evidence. Geology can not say it IS correct. It is just a theory.

Maybe just another coincidense but there does appear to be slight bumps to the top sides of the bullet shock waves and some of the synclines. Also the boulders and rocks found in the center of some of the sandstoned synclines may be where the "bullets" tail/disturbance is.

The shockwave idea would also explain one of the wierder features of synclines, that the rock stops at the surface and doesnt rise upwards. This sounds normal but if the rock is very different then it should have a different erosion rate. Normally it fits in nicely with the local surrounds.


This University of Georgia website show you how Geology uses the phrase "it has to to" when all the evidence points to something else. Geology can not be wrong, the Earth is. The erosion has been so equal and left precise shapes and shock lines. What about the ridge/hill in the middle?

What do you actually see, not what are you told you see?