WDYS - Purple/Green Plants
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If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe
Seen lots of green flowers or petals?
How many green flowers have you seen?
Not many considering plants are green
Royal Purple
Purple is so Royal it was solely used by them - Purple is the power colour
gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
through Electric EYEs.
What don't you see?

What Don't You See - Purple or Green Plants?

what is pure green light made of html hex colours notation 00ff00what is pure green light made of invert electric megenta hexadecimal colors notation ff00ff

What don't you see?

Billions of flowers on earth. Remember all those pretty green flowers?

Search for green flower petals.

If you dont see this what else dont you see? To make a colour lighter would you add more colour to it?

Purple is the inverse of Green

"No green petals hanging on the wall"


If plants are so green why do you get virtually no green flower petals? Think about how much green there is in the plant world yet no green flowers. If they do have green petals they soon turn to another colour. There has to be a reason for no green flowers.

Violetly Purple

The reason why you dont see green flowers may be due to light as an EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) and the colour Purple / (ultra)violet.
Light colours (EMR) are very different to paint (pigment) colours.

  • In paint yellow is a primary colour in EMF yellow is made of Blue and Red but no Blue
  • In paint to make a colour lighter you add white in EMF you add more colour

Photosynthesis is an electrical process involving Sun Light (EMR) and part of the process involves having Electrons pulled/XEchanged out of water to help created sugars from carbon dioxide.

Tyrian purple - The colour of Royalty

Tyrian purple is the Royal Purple, obtained from certain types of snails. Why would snails have this specific colour, why are parts of plants purple and active parts of vegetables purple? Myabe the answer is bacause it is the opposite to green.

To be continued...

What dont you see? Plants are green? Are you sure?
What is the natural colour of Clouds? White or Grey? Why are some types of Clouds blue and the God Vishnu is the "Blue of Clouds"?