Micro Craters - Malta
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If Everything Is Electric...
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Double Trouble
This is getting out of hand!
Now there are two of them!
Mini Criter?
If this is not a Mini Crater then what is it and how was it left or created?
(g)EUlogy to Geology
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Micro Craters in Malta

There are a lot of Micro Craters in Malta, most seem to be found near or around Grey Rock and associated Electroblemes. If you count all the Flat Micro Craters in this number then there are hundreds, especially in one area. There is a few different styles or developments of these Micro Craters. One is a raised Crater, then you have the flat Craters with no or a little raised rim and then you have the Micro Bowl Craters.

Double Trouble

Micro Crater with double tail on Pembroke Rock Beach Double Trouble - a pair of craters in what looks like sort of like Travertine rock

One of these Micro Crater Pairs has a similar double tail to another one found within a few hundred meters. Although close they could be millions of years apart (according to Geology) as one is beside the sea side at the rocky Pembroke Beach and the other similar tailed Mcrater is on top of the Pemroked Hill. Whatever process formed them seems to be the same one as you have the same looking tail in very different looking rock.
This process is scaleable. Normal large craters are found to be fairly similar no matter very varied locations and material of the planet/moon/asteroid that they are found on. Look at Mimas for example. What process can create the same type of Crater no matter what the physical differences in the area? A lump of rock is unlikely to do this. EDM causes pitting and craters and could be how these were formed.

Part of the ship, part of the Crew...

Although the "normal" Micro Craters are the most spectacular the most interesting ones in an Electric Universe point of view may be the Micro Flat Craters. The reason is that they seem to appear in the heaviest areas of FUR making them more unlikely from a Geological sense but easily explainable by gEUlogy.

They also seem to appear along the Grey Rock Lines and some may be the start/end of a powergon point.

Upgrade your Micro Flat?

The Micro Flat Craters are likely to be EDM'd which is why they are found amongst the heaviest FUR. The Plasma Discharge Event causing spluttering on the rocks, turning them the grey colour but then fixing on certain points. This is why you can get so many beside each other or in a small area. Although they could be where a Micro Crater is starting but the power is not on long enough.

Are the many small flat (usually black) indented craters found on other rocks related to or these in another location?

Mini Craters

A Mini Crater? Much larger than the Micro Craters but are all these Mcraters the start of powergons or just the start of craters?

Micro Bowl Craters

Micro Bowl Craters are awesome and will be explored in more detail including the EU mantra that everything is scalable.