SnakePlissken - snakerock - geology or electric discharge?
The worlds most puzzling and mysterious natural geology photographSnakePlissken, snakerock, normal geology or a discharge event in an Electric Universe?The end of geology and the start of the Electric Universe?Amazing Malta rock line photographed near Pembroke Barracks on the Island of Malta
Divide and Conquer
What geology process creates such a dividing line along SnakePlissken?
SnakePlissken rocks!
Snakerock - geology or a discharge in an Electric Universe?
V end of Geology?
A geological nightmare? Can geology explain the lines around SnakePlissken?
Reginald Plissken? Snakes twin?
Another line 50m away. Normal geology or has something else formed these lines?

SnakePlissken rocks! The end of the lines for Geology?

SnakePlissken rock that looks like a snake. How is this shape formed and what geological process created it? # Reginald Plissken! Is this the twin of the power line SnakePlissken - were both caused by an electrical or plasma discharge in an Electric Universe?

SnakePlissken - snakerock - geology or discharge line?

Actually amazing. Unexplainable in a geology/gravity universe but maybe not in an Electric Universe. There is also another power line, Reg, that looks similar and is close by. The SnakePlissken line snakes between other thick Grey Rock lines running across Pembroke rolling hill. The area between SnakePlissken and the other lines has some stunning V's and FUR.

Are these discharge lines similar to local Telluric currents or Ley Lines?SnakePlissken - Electrical Universe discharge. Or geology.

SnakePlissken is a Grey Rock line, these are limestone rocks with a unique grey coloured covering that makes them literally stand out. What is strange about SnakePliss is that most of the Grey Rock lines (natural power or discharge) lines are parallel but this acts like a feeder/branch line and it curves. Going across the hillside are a number of other Grey Rock lines. These go towards or from a small EU crater in the hill side.

SnakePlissken rocks! Escape from New York (NY) to the EU. North section of this stunning snake lookalike rock power line photographed in Malta.

The "snake head" of SnakePlissken is actually where the body of the snake meets a Grey Rock line. There are more Grey Rock lines below it and joining together. These make interesting "A" shapes. Running perpendicular to the large Grey Rock lines, in this area, are smaller lines, that go down the hill.
One of the main questions is are the thick Grey Rock Lines (power/discharge lines) the main lines or are/were they created because of these smaller perpendicular lines? The power lines are thicker so assumed to be more important...

Geology or gEUlogy - Gravity or Electric Universe?

SnakePlisskens body showing the rock power line. Is this the Electric Universe seen in Malta?Is this on of the worlds most puzzling and mysterious geology/geological photographs? If geology can not explain this amazing foto but the Electric Universe may be able to then is it an Electric Universe and not a Gravity Universe?

SnakePlisskens body starts at the power line called (Los Angeles - LA) and snakes down to (New York - NY). The area enclosed by LA, SnakePlissken and NY is full of FUR (pitted crazy rock) but there are also some stunning other types of lines. These include very sharply defined double V's (start of line triangles?) and a pair of parallel lines going from LA to NY.

The area a few meters SE of SnakePlissken (up the hill) seems a little bit more normal but still has some gEUlogy. This suggests that the enclosed area is a discharge area, either between the power lines themselves or where the electrical/plasma discharge was concentrated.

WTF! Are these V's or ^s geology or is this an Electric Universe? (g)EUlogy to Geology...

Thes ^s or start of line triangles are discharge lines. The thicker single base line goes towards a nexus point at the west end of NY. The smaller lines making the ^s or V's go to one of the perpendicular lines up the hill but it might only be a small section.

This area has lots of FUR (Fucked Up Rock) that looks to be EDM pitting or something to do with a plsma discharge across the area.

Escape from NY to EU

The most amazing geology photo ever? Unexplainable? It is an Electric UniverseUnexplainable? Is this astounding mystery an explainable puzzle? Maybe not in your Gravity Universe but perhaps in an Electric Universe

The gEUlogy in this area follows lines and patterns. What geology process can create this? Notice the green line beyond SnakePlissken.

Some of the smaller lines are similar to the puzzling Cart Ruts shapes of perfect squares and rectangles. Other lines are cutter lines similar to those found at San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts (Malta) and Clapham Junction Cart Ruts (south field) - Malta.

Escape from LA to EU

faultlines? stresslines? foldlines? geology or electric universe?How do you get this crazy FUR (Fucked Up Rock) beside the solid Grey Rock line to its side? Is it the result of natural EDM? Like spark machining, ECM, electric or plamsma discharge?. Is it just erosion of limestone rock?

Up the hill (south) where SnakePlisskens body starts is the short power line LA. Not as visually interesting as NY but perhaps far more important. There are a number of thin discharge/feeder lines at this nexus area. The Grey Rock of La seems to be short but the line itself actually carries on or joins up with another line. The end going east curves back round and goes up the hill in the same direction as SnakePlissken.. The line is not a ridge line like the Grey Rock but the rock in the ground can still be seen.

A natural geology box, EU creation or man encouraged? Found at the top of the LA line extension, near SnakePlissken rock

At the end of this extended LA line, is an astouding area. It fits in with other Electroblemes found (Mobese) but at first sight looks like it has to be man made. It is a "box" that has a a couple of near perfect flat sides, similar in shape and size to those "raised vegetable gardens". These flat sides may actually "zig zag" for more than 2 flat sections. The contents of the box includes a mini ridge line and FUR. Is it man made, is it natural, is it man encouraged? Is it a powergon where we can see the Birth of Rock?

Coney Island

SnakePlissken rocks! This snake like rock escaping from the area defined as LA. Notice the FUR and line to the left of the fotoSpark machined or eroded? Natural ECM or EDM? EU?

Near the snakes head end of SnakePlissken is a very interesting patch of solid rock and FUR. The pattern it makes looks to have been EDM or some form of Electric Universe discharge. Some of the rock is Grey Rock or Grey Rock plating, but parts of this look to have been eaten, spark eroded away. The material left looks like Travertine.

Travertine, Calcite, calcium carbonate? How and why is this rock so different compared to the Grey Rock a few centimeters away from it?

It is the same type of material that is found close by on Pembroke beach near the Reverse Osmosis Plant where the pair of Micro Craters can be found. If it is Travertine then it needs to be explained. If it is limestone converted to something different that also needs to be explained. If ther area was subject to an electrical/plasma discharge then materials could be changed by the energy and heat of that event.

How can one section of this rock be so different to another part only a few centimeters away?

SnakePlisken rocks!
The end of the lines for Geology?

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