XEarth - Devils and Tornadoes
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If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe
The Devils in the detail...
they all look and act the same - even on other planets
Blinding Lights
Martian Dust Devil - watch the Electric discharge...Everything Is Electric
(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth with Electric EYEs

The Exchange - Devils and Tornadoes on Earth and Mars

The Martian Devil - Electric Tornadoes or Dust Devils on Mars look similar to Devils on Earth

The XEchange between the Earth and the Electric Universe should be observed in a number of different forms. This XEchange should also happen on other planets and moons. If everything is scalable then the same process but variations in form should be seen on different planets.

Everything is a Devil

Fire Whirl or Fire Devil - are they related to Devils and Tornadoes?Mystical Mist or Steam Devils - Mist Tornado or Steam Tornado - appear on the bounday between sunlight and shade by the side of the lakeStunning Snow Devils - it looks like a normal Tornado or Devil because it is formed by the same Electric Universe process

The XEchange from the planets surface can bee seen through mist/fog and another process is through Tornadoes and Water Spouts. Devils and Spouts are the result of the same process with a different variation and location.

There are a number of forms of Devils and these include Fire Devils, Water Spouts, Land Tornados, Dust Devils and Steam Devils. The Steam Devils should be called Mist Devils.

Martian Dust Devils

Martian Dust Devil showing electrical discharge at its base because Torandoes and Devils are part of the exchange of the Electric Universe

Dust Devils on Mars are very electrical. They have a white lightning flash at their base and they also leave a dark scar along the surface. These Martian Devils are huge (up to 10km high) which is weird for a planet with very little atmosphere. The dust storms that can cover the entire surface and atmosphere of Mars start in a crater and slowly build up.
A gif of the event (can take a while to load)
Animated movie of the same sequence (can be quicker to load)

A rose by any other name...

A rose by any other name is a Tornado or Devil - they look the same because they are formed by the same processes.  Everything is scalable in an Electric Universe

When you look at Water Spouts you will see a white area of sea surrounding the bottom of the Water Tornado. You also can get a mist around it (the same with land Tornadoes). One of the most intriguing features of Devils are the tendrils rising up from the surface beside the Tornado. These are where energy is being transferred.

Mist is the great XEchange process along with humidity and evaporation but mist is special. It is the sign of electrical exchange activity. In colder areas you will get Diamond Dust (Ice Dust). In the Antarctic Diamond Dust can form most days. Ice Dust is sometimes associated with a temperature inversion, which is layers of different air temperatures relative to the ground. Or to look at it another way different layers of energy and potential difference.

The Devil's Exchange

The Devils exchange - it looks like an engine - it is an engine - to create Electric Tornadoes in an Electric Universe

Water Spouts and Land Tornadoes are usually found in a distinct system with the parent Cloud. Tornados do not need precise calm conditions to form. It really looks like a power system (engine) and it is. How does hot/cold air constantly form this superb force of nature in so many different locations?
Land Tornadoes start when a horizontal Roll Cloud goes vertical. If the scale is not so big then a mini Roll Cloud may go vertical and cause a small dust or steam Devil without the visible cloud system above it. There may be a smaller XEchange system aboove it but not visible.

The rain at the rear of the XEchange system is very interesting, is rain just water that falls or does it very likely have something important to do with the whole exchange in the Electric Universe.

Why and how can you get multiple Tornadoes from the same cloud, appearing over hours or have Tornado Storms?